Vibiemme Replica Electronica 2 group HX

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Vibiemme REPLICA Electronic HX Professional Espresso Machine


Programmable temperature and pressure settings

Accurate and reliable, Replica Electronic offers you optimal temperature control even when the steam power is fully utilised. This model combines the appeal of the robust taps and E61 groups with a display so that you can check the brew settings. Thanks to an independent temperature setting feature for each group, you can also customise your coffees

HX (Heater eXchanger) technology is the most efficient of the traditional dispensing systems available on the espresso machine market. It keeps the group at optimum temperature. In combination with the E61 group head, it provides an excellent mechanical pre-infusion.

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Width / Height / Depth / Weight / Power / Boiler

73 cm / 55 cm / 60 cm / 85 Kg / 4000W / 12 L

Electric cup warmer with on/off switch.


Vekt 50 kg


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