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Vibiemme Domobar Junior 2B

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In 1961, the first E-61 espresso machine was built, whose simple and ingenious principle of permanent thermal circulation in the brewing head governs the espresso machine landscape until today. The first real innovation since then is the multi-boiler technology, which decouples coffee preparation from the steam area by means of separate kettles. In this way, one obtains selectively selectable, stable coffee temperatures and a flexibly switchable steam unit. This improves the results and saves energy. VBM uses the perfection of the E-61 Group in conjunction with the multi-boiler technology, combining tradition and innovation. In addition, the JUNIOR 2B is extremely compact, which is especially appreciated by customers for whom the positioning surface is an issue. Thus, the JUNIOR 2B is the smallest member of the VBM 2B family only externally small.

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  • Operation: manually
  • Special features: Adjustable thermostat with minimal temperature fluctuation thanks to the probe in the coffee kettle, safety shutdown via tank scale

Main features:

  • Copper boiler flooded 0.5l. for dispensing coffee.
  • Copper boiler 0,7 l. for the production of hot water and steam.
  • Loading service boiler, via a vibration pump.
  • Pre-calibrated thermostat for the control of the correct pressure present in the coffee boiler.
  • Pre-calibrated pressure switch for the control of the correct pressure in service boiler.
  • The heating element is constituted by an electrical resistor immersed in the boiler; it allows the heating of the water and the steam production.
  • Dispensing unit in chrome-plated brass.
  • Vibration pump.
  • Water / steam nozzle in chrome-plated copper with ergonomic knob.
  • Water tanks in plastic for food use having a capacity of 2.5 lt.
  • Control of water level of the reservoir through the sensor.
  • Control lamps for power machine, insertion of coffee boiler resistance’, no water in the tank.
  • Gauge indicating the pressure of the pump.
  • Pressure gauge indicating the pressure of the steam boiler.



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