Synesso MVP 3 grupper programmerbar 220 V2

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Synesso knows that reliable repeatability is the essential need for all espresso machine owners and users. We are driven to continually search for better ways to make that vision a reality. Our MVP technology (patent pending) now provides incomparable tools that allow
you to dial in your espresso recipes, save those parameters in seconds, and then perfectly repeat them on any group as many times as desired.

MVP provides universal functionality that can be changed at any time from full Manual Mode (M) to Manual Program Mode (MP), to Volumetric Mode (VP) at the group top level. Everyone can have a volumetric machine without sacrificing the ability to manually set various coffees to their specifications. You no longer have to choose between control and repeatability. You can get it all from one machine.

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  • MVP offers the ability to save 6 available program positions per group, with the ability to enable as many or as
    few as you like.
  • The new, larger timer display is no longer just a digital shot timer. It now shows which brew mode you are in
    (M, MP, or VP), which of the 6 available programs you are running, and where you are at each pressure stage of
    your shot via our new brew graph.
  • Our machines are now built with 4 magnet flow meters allowing better than double the water flow precision
    than previous volumetric machines. Further, our advanced software gives you the ability to add or subtract the
    water output to meet your needs. Interchangeable Brew Function – M, MP, & VP
  • New standard Shot Timers with Program Markers, and Brew Graph
  • New Low Profile Brew Handles
  • Separate Lower Side Panel for Easy Access
  • Individual Brew Boilers
  • Programmable Temperature per Group
  • Programmable Preinfusion per Group
  • Adjustable Total Water Count
  • Group tops with NO WEAR PARTS- Now With Hall Effect Switch
  • New Piezo Hot Water Button
  • Simultaneous Auto Back Flush
  • Power Save Mode
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands
  • Removable Heat Exchangers


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