Honduras Recuerdo #1 by Jose de la Cruz, 250g

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Smaksprofil: Malic acidity and juicy stone fruit and apple notes. Flavours of nectarine, nuts, and delicate florals.

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Geografi: . Jose De la Cruz, Honduras(Intibuca) Dyrkes på ca 1750 meter høyde.
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Jose began growing coffee in 2005 on a farm he now inherited from his father. In order to afford to grow coffee, he had to work day to day in other parts and save money for planting. They now have income from the coffee, and with that, Jose is able to support their family.

He takes good care of his farm by pruning and cleaning is carried out once the harvest is finished during May. The farm is cleaned with a “machete”(large knife with a wide blade) and hoe, and the process is repeated four times a year, around the months of January, June, August, and October. The fertilizations are made based on the soil analysis. They generally fertilise 2 per year in the months of July and November.

Eight people, who are part of the family, help Jose process his coffee. The benefit is 40 minutes away, and he transports coffee by mule.

The coffee is pulped the same day it is cut. He only selects the best cherry and it is fermented for 48 hours and then 36 hrs of fermentation after being pulped. The drying area is by Jose’s house, and he uses a solar dryer. Coffee is moved every 20m minutes, during 22 days, until moisture is down to 10%.

“My plans for the future with the income received are to be able to continue assisting my farm and renovating a new plantation and making improvements in the area of preparation and drying.”


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Smak av eplesyre og saftige steinfrukt- og epletoner. Smaker av nektarin, nøtter og delikate blomster



LIPPE har vært en viktig aktør i norsk kaffe siden 1998 og har siden 2008 brent, pakket og distribuert sin egen kaffe. Kaffen fra LIPPE kjennetegnes med ferske leveranser, ren og tydelig smaksprofil, forutsigbarhet, riktig pris og profesjonell oppfølging.


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