Etiopia Biftu Gudina, 1kg

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Geografi: Biftu Gudina cooperative, Etiopia
Vasket heirloom Høstet januar – mars 2021/2022
Sertifisering: Økologisk DEBIO
Håndsortert og så de-pulpet, for så å fermenteres. Gradering skjer i vaskekanaler før bønnene vaskes i rent vann 12-24 timer. Soltørket på opphøyde «afrikanske senger»

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  • Producers: About 572 smallholder Cooperative members. Buying cherries from non members as well. Membership is optional. Non members don’t qualify for second payment.
  • On average farmers are having a farm size of less than 3 hectares. Most coffees are organic by default. Organic compost is common, pruning less common. A farmer can typically have less than 1500 trees pr hectar, and 1 tree is typically producing cherries equal to less than 100 – 200 grams of green coffee.
  • Varietals: Mainly an improved native varietal called 1274, but also a mix of Ethiopian Heirloom. Such as native coffee of forest origin transferred to family smallholder plots.
  • Production: Pulped and mechanically demucilaged with a Penagos 2500 eco-pulper or a JM Estrada eco pulper before soaked in water over night in water and sundried on raised beds.
  • Soil: Clay loam

About the farms

The coffee at Biftu Gudina is delivered from smallholders in the Bersema area. They are located in Agaro, close to Jimma in the west of Ethiopia, lately known for very flavor intense and spicy coffees with pretty different flavor attributes.

The farmers they work with at Biftu Gudina have farms that are smaller than 3ha on average and the coffees are produced at very high altitudes, generally around 2000 masl. They are using Penagos ecopulpers, and hardly ferment the coffees at all. After pulping the coffees are often soaked under clean water overnight before they are dried on raised tables. They have wastewater treatment based on Vetiver grass naturally filtrating the water from the production before it goes into the pits and finally the ground.

Before these cooperative was established, farmers were mainly producing lower graded naturals sold as Jimma Grade 5.


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