Costa Rica Tres Milagros RED HONEY, 1kg

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Svært stor sødme og kompleksitet. Tropisk, tørket frukt.

Denne kaffen smaker nesten som en bærtørket/natural kaffe.

Opprinnelse: Gården Tres Milagros, Higuito. Tarrazú i hjertet av Costa Rica
Prosessering: RED HONEY
Bønnetype: Caturra
Bruksområde: Passer til trakter, presskanne, aeropress, dryppstasjon.

Leveres i 1kg  ventilposer med beskyttende atmosfære for bedre oppbevaring.

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Costa Rica boasts eight coffee-growing regions, the most famous of which is Tarrazú. Bounded by the Pacific Ocean in the west and the mountain range of Cordillera Central in the east, it is a region of lush vegetation and breathtaking views. Above all, Tarrazú is an ideal location to grow Arabica coffee. High altitudes and a sedimentary soil compositionfavor the smooth and fine acidity these coffees are famous for, while the nearby Pirrís river supplies the region with fresh water.

This single-variety Red Honey Caturra coffee is cultivated on the Tres Milagros farm in Higuito, Tarrazú. For more than 50 years, the farm has been run by the Facusse family, they manage around 65 hectares of land. Over the past decades, specialty coffees have become the focus of the family. The farm developed into a place for agricultural innovation. Today, the Facusse family mostly grows special varietals, such as Geisha and Caturra and engages in sustainable practices.

After the ripe coffee cherries have been picked, they are transported to the Beneficio Fatima, where they are processed. In a first step, the cherries are partly pulped. About 80% of the mucilage remains on the beans. Afterward, the cherries are placed on raised African beds for ten days. During these days, they are constantly controlled and protected from too hot or moist weather conditions. The final drying step takes place in a drum dryer to allow for an even drying process. After the coffee rested for 2-3 months, it is finally dry-milled, sorted and prepared for transport.


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Svært stor sødme og kompleksitet. Tropisk, tørket frukt.


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